Tuesday, September 22, 2009

pictures from memphis

were all from my crappy phone. so instead, here's a list of movie titles we changed to porn names to pass time on the drive.
- mrs holland's old puss
- squirting beauty
- there might be blood
- the molestation of jesse james by the pervert robert ford
- scat on a hot tin roof
- grinding nemo
- the girl with the pearl necklace
- don't let mom give the babysitter head
- acockinyourlips now
- felch/felch lives
- the fast and the bi-curious
- scissorhood of the traveling pants

oh ya, the trip was fun too.


jansen sterba said...

so many gems! i don't know that i could pick a favorite, 'there might be blood' is priceless.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, everyone of em'! Here's a few more for shita and giggles!

Shindler's Fist
Wonka's Willy and the Hershey Highway
Harry Cooter and the Sorcerer's Bone
And last but not least...
Three Men and a Baby (no need for a change here!)