Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chris Forgues

sorry, no bland photos today. i have to ramble about chris forgues. 
about a year ago i found his "in the second's lair" - starring blond atchen and the bumble boys (including weapons) - in a comics anthology. it was a 12 page story that i had to read three and four times a day for a month before i had enough. i thought about it at work. i thought about it in the car. i thought about it at school - you get the idea. fortunately chris also published his first graphic novel - "powr mastrs" around this time, so i had something else to read. i can't say enough good things about this guy's work. 
buy it, read it, borrow it from me if you have to. 
chris forgues is a genius.

the top three reasons to buy "powr mastrs":

1. it is set in known new china
2. lady minirex has sex with the jellyfish emperor
3. the first line of dialog is "shit here comes a patrol cat"

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